An illustration of an early chat 2

An illustration of an early chat

Regardless of whether you’re setting up new operations, or working on a small-scale business, or working to get your accounting straightened out, WAG Consulting has all the online Accounting support that you need

It can be intimidating to meet with a financial advisor for the first time. Our method is intended to elicit a sense of security in you.

We'll begin by discussing what matters to you.

We want to see you live the life of your dreams. Perhaps it is a future in which your post-secondary education expenses are covered, your retirement is assured, and your family is provided for. Maybe you have not yet discovered it. It’s perfectly acceptable. We are here to assist you in navigating this process.

Recognize you and your objectives

To better understand you, we’ll go further into your priorities and the objectives you’re pursuing. Before we meet, here are some points to consider:

  •  What are the implications of these objectives for my family and me?
  •  Is it necessary for me to make any trade-offs to accomplish them?
  •  Is there anything missing that I have overlooked?
  •  What financial impact would these goals have on me?


Recognize your particular investing style

We’ll work with you to develop your approach after understanding your ambitions and dreams for the future. You’ll understand what it will take to accomplish your objectives, how long it will take, and any trade-offs that may be necessary. Additionally, because life tends to throw you curveballs, we’ll assist you in preparing for them.


Additionally, we’ll learn about your preferred method of communication with us.

  • Are you a hands-on investor, or do you prefer that some things happen automatically?
  • How secure are you in the face of danger?
  • What manner of communication would you choose?
  • What is your selected meeting frequency?
An illustration of an early chat 3

What to bring to your initial meeting

While a face-to-face encounter is preferable, we also provide numerous virtual communication options. So it’s irrelevant how we meet. What matters is that you leave with the impression that you’re working with someone who listens to you, understands you and your objectives, and can assist you in developing a strategy to attain them.


We may request information about your present financial situation, such as investments, assets, income, spending, debt, and current insurance coverage. We provide a Secure Document Exchange feature that enables you to securely upload these papers, saving you time and avoiding visiting our office.


Additionally, we hope you will bring us your questions. Our initial encounter will help us get to know one another and determine whether WAG Consulting is a good fit for you.