Assisting you on your journey

Assisting you on your journey

We don’t just talk about personal service. We’re built to deliver it. From our financial advisor’s and branch office administrator to more than 2000 clients nationwide

We are not limited to personal discussing service. From your financial adviser and branch office administrator nationally, we’re structured to deliver it.

Teams that areas involved in your success as you are

When you deal with WAG Consulting, you have an entire team on your side who is as concerned with why you invest as they are with what you invest in.


A WAG financial advisor who is familiar with your name

WAG Consulting advisors are conveniently accessible online, ready to assist you – and the community. It’s a highly individualized approach to investing that distinguishes us.


You’ll work one-on-one with your financial advisor, assisted by an expert team of professionals. Our team will get to know you and your objectives while focusing on who you are as a person – gradually developing a deep relationship.


Your needs will change throughout your life, and we endeavor to deliver the goods, solutions, and experiences that will enable you to accomplish the most important goals at each stage. You benefit from the compassion, care, and individualized service that only human beings can provide. When it comes to the future, you wish to create. You deserve more than a phone number.


The team that supports your goals

While you may never meet them, our associates play a critical part in servicing you behind the scenes. They support our branch teams and enable what we refer to as human-centered comprehensive wealth management. Your extended team consists of the following individuals:

  • Our Investment Policy Committee develops the firm’s investment guidelines. It is at the heart of all the tools, procedures, and materials used by your financial advisor to assist you in achieving your goals.
  • Economic and market experts.
  • Portfolio managers are responsible for managing, assessing, and monitoring investment portfolios as part of the fee-based programs offered by the company.
  • Analysts that conduct quality assurance reviews on products and services to verify they adhere to specified quality standards
  • Tax, legal, and trust professionals
  • Insurance specialists that are conversant with and knowledgeable about complex insurance solutions

Important Notes:

WAG Consulting, its employees, or financial advisors are well equipped and permitted to provide tax advice. However, please take any advice from an official email ID of WAG Consulting.